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Professional Body Piercer

Thank you so much for checking out Bombshell Body Piercings! I wanted this website to illustrate the most common types of body piercings I do. With my Instagram being a little more fashion based, I wanted to give my present and future clients a better look at my work, a virtual portfolio if you will . While also providing you after-care instructions & giving you another way to schedule appointments and ask questions.  


About Alex


Hi everyone, Alex here  :)

Anyone new to my work or the site, welcome.

To begin, I have 10 years of professional body piercing experience with knowledge in precision, healing & after-care, sterilization, and jewelry.

I began my journey fresh out of high school where I was living at the time, in Hilton Head Island, SC. While there I received extensive training from 'DHEC' tattoo/piercing approved health training programs.

I always tell clients that I pierce from "top to bottom", meaning I'm 100% comfortable piercing things in AND out of both mine & the clients comfort zones. Making sure they leave happy & informed.

I now reside in Dallas, TX & am currently working at 

Artistic Encounter Tattoo.



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I've always been honest and straightforward with my clients when it comes to healing, while usually referring to the first 3 months with a new piercing. This is truly how long it takes to tell if you'll keep your piercing long term. On that note, my information is undemanding and based on the idea that the body heals itself. During the first few months you may experience periods of irritation as your body works to heal around the jewelry. I suggest avoiding soaps and antiseptic products on your piercing, but instead thoroughly rinsing with plain warm water, or saline products to remove debris from the area around the jewelry. Mind you, you may find full healing time for many piercings can be around a year. 

Patience, is the first key to after-care!



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